An inflatable sleeping mat, sometimes known as a camping mat, can help to bring that extra home comfort to your tent. It can also protect you against the realities of sleeping directly on the ground outside.

A less than perfect surface that is hard, adorned with rocks or just uneven can seriously interfere with getting a good nights sleep.

What an inflatable sleeping mat does is to provide you with insulation against cold hard ground and give you some comfort. The camping mat can also deliver comfort when it comes to sleeping in other environments like on the floor at a friend’s house. The power of a good inflatable sleeping mat is not to be underestimated! They are also very affordable.

In addition, there are other options available for more comfortable sleeping whilst away camping:

Air Mattress
An outstanding option for those who have a modest budget but who want cushioning. Thinner than the air mattress used in a home setting, the camping air mattress will require less air to inflate and will also pack away smaller. Inflated by pump or manually.

Self-Inflating Pad
Probably the most popular choice when it comes to this area. Not only do they provide great cushioning, but they are easy to use. The feature of being self-inflating puts a little extra on the price tag than the manually operated one, but it’s worth it. They pack away into a small roll that is very lightweight.

Technical Foam Pad
Favoured by backpackers, foam pads can be rolled away tightly to take up limited space. They may have the edge for backpackers, as they won’t burst and they can give a little extra protection against the ground when it comes to insulation. We like the Multimat Summit Foam Mat.

Budget Foam Pad
More for the budget camper, who wants cushioning but with a lower price tag. Less dense than the more technical closed-cell version, it will provide you with greater comfort, but takes more space and is bigger when rolled up.

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