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Family Tents, Family Camping Tents, Large Family Tent

Family Tents

Camping in the UK is becoming more popular – families looking for a less expensive alternative to expensive holidays abroad are turning to camping holidays to fit in with school holidays.  We stock a large range of spacious family tents at our Whitminster store, which are also available to buy online.  Our family camping tents include family dome tents, large family tents sleeping 7+, as well as popular family tents from Outwell, Vango and Coleman.

Whatever size your family, we have a range of family camping tents, one of which is bound to suit.  We have small, medium and large family tents, and tents to fit all budgets, from cheap family tents to more expensive premium models.

We stock the best family tents on offer, from suppliers such as Vango, Outwell, Kampa and even Cabanon.

When you’re looking for a family tent, take note of the number of people that it can sleep (berths).  However, bear in mind that you need space in your tent for living, not just sleeping.  You will need to be able to store clothing, provisions etc, as well as coats and boots.

Most people choosing a tent for the family will choose a tent with extra berths, which is a great idea.  This may be to allow children their own room, or to allow for clothing and equipment.  Don’t forget though, the if you choose a large tent, it will generally take more work to erect, take up more space in the car, and if its really large, may cost you more in pitch fees, so try to strike a balance.

Some large tents are heavy so please make sure you’re happy with lifting and carrying the tent you like.  And, REMEMBER – it may come in several bags, so don't forget to take them all with you when you go camping...

Cabanon Barbados Tent
RRP £999.00
Our Price £930.00
Cabanon Guadeloupe Tent
RRP £699.00
Our Price £659.00
Cabanon Nouméa Tent
(Temporarily unavailable)
Cabanon Nouméa Tent
RRP £589.00
Our Price £539.00
Coleman Bering 4 Tent 2015
RRP £200.00
Our Price £199.99
Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent 2015
RRP £299.99
Our Price £239.99
Kampa Caister 4 Tent 2015
RRP £159.99
Our Price £129.00
Kampa Croyde 6 Air Tent 2015
RRP £1,200.00
Our Price £849.99
Kampa Hayling 4 Air Tent 2015
(Temporarily unavailable)
Kampa Hayling 4 Air Tent 2015
RRP £790.00
Our Price £549.99
Kampa Hayling 6 Air Tent 2015
RRP £930.00
Our Price £649.99
Kampa Oxwich 4 Tent 2015
RRP £315.00
Our Price £219.99
Kampa Oxwich 5 Tent 2015
RRP £360.00
Our Price £249.99
Kampa Oxwich 6 Tent 2015
RRP £400.00
Our Price £279.99
Kampa Watergate 6 Tent 2015
RRP £430.00
Our Price £299.99
Kampa Watergate 8 Tent 2015
RRP £485.00
Our Price £339.99
Khyam Chatsworth Tent
RRP £899.99
Our Price £419.00
Khyam Harewood Tent
(Temporarily unavailable)
Khyam Harewood Tent
RRP £999.99
Our Price £539.00
Outwell Rockwell 3 Tent & Footprint 2015
RRP £269.00
Our Price £229.00
Outwell Vermont XLP Tent 2015
RRP £1,099.00
Our Price £899.00
Outwell Whitecove 5 Tent 2015
RRP £429.00
Our Price £349.00
Outwell Whitecove 6 Tent & Footprint 2015
RRP £469.00
Our Price £399.00
Robens Kiowa Tipi Tent 2015
RRP £799.00
Our Price £699.00
Robens Klondike Tipi Tent 2015
RRP £500.00
Our Price £450.00
Robens Mescalero Tipi Tent 2015
RRP £649.00
Our Price £575.00
Royal Brisbane 4 Tent
RRP £300.00
Our Price £229.00
Royal Brisbane 6 Tent
RRP £350.00
Our Price £299.00
Royal Brisbane 8 Tent
RRP £400.00
Our Price £339.00
Vango Aura 400 2015 Tent
RRP £200.00
Our Price £165.00
Vango Calder 500 Canopy 2014
RRP £90.00
Our Price £65.00
Vango Calder 500 Tent & Footprint 2015
RRP £300.00
Our Price £269.00
Vango Eden V 400 Airbeam Tent
Price £1,100.00
Vango Eden V 600XL Airbeam Tent
Price £1,510.00
Vango Exodus 800 Airbeam Tent
RRP £950.00
Our Price £815.00
Vango Icarus 500 Footprint
(Temporarily unavailable)
Vango Icarus 500 Footprint
RRP £30.00
Our Price £29.00
Vango Lauder 400 Tent 2015
RRP £190.00
Our Price £169.00
Vango Lauder 500 Tent 2015
RRP £220.00
Our Price £199.00
Vango Orava 600XL Tent, Carpet & Footprint Package
RRP £695.00
Our Price £499.00
Vango Solaris 400 Airbeam Tent 2015
(Temporarily unavailable)
Vango Solaris 400 Airbeam Tent 2015
Price £450.00
_Outwell Nevada MP Tent 2015
(Temporarily unavailable)
_Outwell Nevada MP Tent 2015
RRP £469.00
Our Price £399.00
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