Thinking of taking the family on a glamping experience this half-term?  Great idea. Glamping is the perfect friendly way to get your kids closer to nature and have some good old-fashioned family fun - especially if they’re not used to camping and you want to keep your sanity intact! 

And if this is your first time family glamping in the UK, then there are some things you can do before you go glamping (along with things that you can pack) to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible.  As always, should you want specific advice on what to take glamping, we’re here to help both in-store or online. 


Check what’s included when you book

The popularity of glamping for families, groups and couples has led to a huge growth in glamping sites around the UK and in companies that help you find the best glamping experiences. 

This means that there is something to suit every budget, the trick is to do your homework and make sure that you pick the most appropriate options for your



In particular, check what is and is not included as part of the basic package - and what extras are offered. For instance, do you need to bring towels or are they provided? What about toiletries? Eco-friendly glampsites might not allow ungreen products to be used. 

If there’s a log-burner or fire pit, do you have to pay extra for kindling and logs? Should you bring milk, tea and coffee or will they be supplied? And what about cooking and eating utensils? 

It’s worth packing:

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Vango Flux Head Torch


Choose your glampsite wisely

It can be easy to get swept away by the unusual types of glamping accommodation available and forget to consider the wider glampsite itself. Our advice? Make sure the site meets your family’s needs first and foremost, especially if this is your very first glamping or camping adventure. 

For example, try to choose a glampsite that isn’t too remote. Yes, a treehouse in the woods might sound incredible, but it could be a little too spooky at night for your kids. Plus, you may have to hike from the car park to or to the local amenities - and doing so with tired kids in tow may not be fun. 

Remember to consider how ‘off-grid a glampsite is and how connected you want to be. Some sites have zero network coverage or electricity and you navigate around using torches, solar-powered lights and candlelight. This may sound like fun, but might be a challenge for those novice glampers amongst you. 


Likewise, struggling to light a cooking fire or stove in the cold and wet is also an experience most families may find a bit overwhelming on their first trip. A recreational lounge or cooking facility on a site could be worth its weight in cold on those rainy days and nights!


Also think about the washing facilities. Are they shared? Do you get your own private bathroom and shower? Or are they a little more ‘natural’ than you’re used to? 


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Think sensibly about accommodation 

From old buses and gypsy caravans to glamping pods and safari tents, there is so much choice on offer when you’re looking for family glamping accommodation in the UK. It’s tempting to choose something unique, but not everything will be comfortable for your family. You need to find glamping options that suit the size of your party and the ages, too. 

If you’ve younger children, supersized tents such as safari tents and bell tents may be a good option as many of these can be sub-divided into rooms. So parents and children can have separate sleeping areas. 

Yurts and teepees come a close second because they’re spacious and usually have some kind of log-burner to help you stay warm, although they may not have an ensuite kitchen or washroom.

It’s also worth thinking about the sort of ‘view’ you want when you all wake up. The beauty of camping or glamping is that you can choose your own vista. So what will it be? A sea view, rolling hills, a sparkling lake? Perhaps being too ‘wild’ isn’t for your family because your kids hate creepy crawlies - leave no stone unturned when deciding!