Here are our top 5 reasons why camping is the BEST type of holiday that you can have!

It’s Affordable
There’s no family holiday that is more affordable than camping with a tent. It’s also a holiday that is extraordinarily flexible. Just the night before you can make your mind up that the next day you want to go camping, and then pack your stuff and go. In addition to your tent, you might want to take along sleeping bag and an air mattress and maybe a few extras. Once you’ve invested in your gear, you can use it any time.

Unlimited Camping Locations
There are plenty of campsites to choose from. Whether you want to stay closer to home or head off up to Scotland (or down to Cornwall if you live in Scotland!), once you have a tent, it’s no problem. If it’s your first time camping with a tent, you might want to put it up in your garden at home for a practice run.

Being Close to Nature
It’s so easy to forget that this planet is packed full of nature. After all, we spend much of our time in sterile environments, such as school, work and in other big buildings. Camping allows you to see more of nature. You can even choose your surroundings. If you want a lake view, then pick a campsite with one. Beach side? No problem! It really is up to you.

Minimal Preparation
Camping doesn’t need extensive preparation, you just grab your gear and head off out. Once you have got the tent and your sleeping equipment then you can add onto it; Add a torch or a headlight, food, a couple of chairs and a water container and you’re ready to roll.

Easy to Set Up
Tents have undergone a revolution and are now very easy to put up. Whether you opt for a dome tent, an air tent or even a pop-up tent, you just need to follow the instructions to get it put up quickly.

So there you have it. Our top five reasons to love camping with a tent…what are yours?