1 - Footprint

If you’ve purchased a tent recently you’ll know a footprint is a key add on when buying camping gear. Not only does it make a great guide for pitching your tent but it will also protect the fabric underneath your tent from rocks and dirt on the ground. So your tent will less likely need cleaning after every camping trip.

2 - Robust pegs

Having a robust set of pegs for camping is a must. They keep your tent in the ground and can item you can’t live without!. We would recommend steel pegs with a big head so you can easily hammer into rough, uneven ground and not worry about bending or breaking on your trip. We stock a range of Kampa Peg sets online or come into the store to purchase individually.

3 - Mallet

A comfortable and well balanced mallet is a great item to buy when wanting to make pitching your tent easier. If the weather has been hot and the ground is hard then getting pegs into the ground can be tough and a mallet will solve this problem with ease!

4 - Electric Pump

Looking for a hassle free camping trip? Why not consider an electric pump! Taking away the faff of hand pumping and allowing more time to spend with your loved ones, an electric pump is a quick and easy option to get your inflatable tent up with ease.

5 - Peg Puller

Our last item is one for the gadget lovers. A peg puller says what it does on the tin and pulls out your pegs! Easily remove stubborn pegs and pack away your tent in a flash. Checkout the Kampa ‘back saver’ peg extractor here. If you do suffer from back problems and peg pulling is always a chore, this one has an extra long handle to make pulling pegs out easy.

Checkout all the items mentioned in this weeks blog here. We have a fantastic range of camping equipment in store and online. Not sure what tent is suitable for your family? Read our best tents for families blog here.