When choosing the right Gas Bottle for you it can depend on whether you have a BBQ, stove or heater. These will all come with a regulator recommendation but you don't have to go with this. Read on to discover how to choose the right gas bottle for you.

Heaters and BBQs

Heaters and BBQ’s will have a push on regulator. The best gas for these are patio bottles. Calor sell these as a green bottle with a red top. They’ve designed these because it uses a propane mix so is a higher pressure and you get a better performance out of it. It doesn’t solidify when cold, can be used all year round, and is higher performance gas BUT is more costly per KG of gas.

Butane or Propane

You don’t have to use the regulator that’s on a BBQ or heater, you can switch. Almost all can run on Butane or Propane, but naturally butane is slightly cheaper per kg of gas. If supply is an issue, or in the winter months you don’t get the same performance, simply buy a new regulator and switch over your gas bottle. Calor bottles are large, provide you with plenty of gas, and you don’t need to switch over too often.

There are three different models; green (patio gas), orange (propane) which predominantly for heaters, or outside winter use, with larger versions for homes and static caravans, smaller 6kg for caravans on the move, higher pressure, use all year round and good general burn rate, and blue (butane) which is used more for internal storage heaters or cooking, but there’s no reason you can’t use this for a BBQ or heater but its just a bit more efficient!

Whilst Calor do 3 different sizes; 15kg, 6kg, and 3.9kg, if space is an issue, we highly recommend Campingaz bottles, particularly the 907’s. The 907 is the perfect weight and takes up minimal space, has its own regulator and can be used on fridges, cooking stoves, and heaters. Some of them even screw onto the bottle directly! Campingaz 907’s are butane gas. They are easy to get hold of, and can be found in European countries, and worldwide, whereas Calor is a UK only brand. If you’re going abroad, we recommend taking a Campingaz bottle or getting plenty of Calor!

Disposable Cartridges

Your other option, is disposable cartridges. They are in a smaller pack size, can be picked up worldwide and work well. There are three different types; long thing ones (think coke can size!), these are purely butane and only work with set appliances. There are screw on cartridges, these work well for smaller stoves and backpacking adventures. They are a propane-butane mix, have a higher pressure, and are disposable. However, they don’t give you a lot of gas and are not cheap per kg of gas. Finally, there’s the Campingaz containers, they are small, and efficient, but only work on Campingaz appliances with the right fittings.

We hope you have found this blog helpful. If your still unsure pop into store and speak to our Attwoolls experts for help and advice.Take a look at the range here.