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Upgrade your camping experience

Have you ever thought about holidaying in a motorhome? This article highlights some of the benefits and advantages and also how you can rent one to try it out.

Adventure camping holidays

In today’s blog we take a look at a selection of adventure holiday camping sites that are on offer in England, together with the activities they have to offer.

The importance of being prepared

If you like to walk or hike off the beaten track, then you should take a moment to read this brief, informative article. Good sound advice for you to be safe and be prepared!

Campfire Innovations

In today’s article, we cover campfires, whether they are on the ground, fire pits or Swedish log candles. We also look at how to keep the camp fire burning through the night.

Geocaching – a fun way to spend a walk or a camping holiday

In today’s blog, we look at Geocaching and how it is becoming more popular amongst the camping fraternity; it’s very good at keeping the children occupied too.

Camp beds for kids, and big kids

Today’s article takes a look at camping beds - the metal framed ones, in particular; we look at weight, assembly, comfort and practicality.

Camping essentials for first timers

Today’s blog is designed for those who are just getting geared up for their first camping trip or festival. It is packed with good, practical advice and tips to help you on your way.

Setting up an Easter egg hunt while camping

At Easter time, there’s nothing like a good Easter egg hunt for the kids, this article gives ideas and tips on how to do this successfully when camping.

Camping in the West Country? Pop into our coffee shop and store on the way

This article invites you to pop in to the store and café, should you ever be in the area. With simple directions and information on what delights you might find in our café.

Festivals in 2017 – part 2

Our second article on 2017 festivals, looking at festival Genres: Folk, Eclectic and Boutique, New and Alternative and Festivals for Teens.

Top Camping Tips for Backpackers in the UK

What do you need to do a camping trip justwith a backpack? This includes a list of the items needed to ensure you have everything you need. Crack on!

Be prepared out on the piste

Today, we look at how you can prepare and know that you have packed the right ski equipment and clothing to go out on the Piste.

WiFi on the go

Take a look at the benefits that can be enjoyed by having your own WiFi, rather than relying on 4G when camping or simply just out and about.

Festivals in 2017 – choosing the right one for you and your family

With the start of 2017, this article is part 1 of our listing of this year’s festivals for you; to help we have put them into genre. We start with the family friendly festivals.

Easy DIY glamping ideas

In this article we look at very simple ways you can change an ordinary camping holiday into a do-it-yourself glamping holiday, with little extra cost.

Is your First Aid kit up to date

In today’s article we look at the importance of having an up-to-date First Aid kit and its contents when camping, together with the benefits of attending a first aid course.

The Stunning Variety of Skiing Styles

In this article we have put our focus on looking at the variety of snow skiing styles, and the differences in the equipment used.

Olympic Win Will Put Highlight on China’s Ski Industry

With China hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, we look at how they are preparing for these games, as prior to this they didn’t have much of a tradition in winter sports.

Winter Walks and Wild Food

This article takes a look at how you are still able to forage for food on winter walks, when you know what to look for and that there are courses to help you learn and guided walks you can join.

Stay warm all year round

In this article we look at two lightweight and portable log burning stoves made by of Anevay’s and how they are ideal for sturdy tents, campervans and sheds.

Winter Build Projects - part 2

As we continue in part two, the second and final section of how to build your own tipi, we take you through the final stages: lying out, erecting and securing your tipi.

Considerations For Choosing A Camping Tent

Today we look at what you need to think about when choosing the perfect tent for your camping exploits.

Winter Build Projects - part 1

This article gets you outdoors on a sunny, wintery day and is the first stage in showing you how to build your own tipi; covering all the materials needed.

5 Best Places to Camp in the UK

In today's blog we take a look at some of the best campsites that can be found in the UK to help you plan for your next camping trip.

Never considered caravanning? Here's why you should …

We take a look at the advantages of considering taking a caravan holiday and how caravans are now much improved, cost effective and practicable.

Do you love camping enough to do it full time?

In this article we take a look at what is involved in starting your own camping or glamping business and how to set your site apart from the rest and to be successful.

Skiing: Some of the Best Places in the World

We take a look at five of the best skiing locations in the world and the type of skiing that you can expect to enjoy.

Boxing Day walks – be prepared

This blog gives hints and tips on how to entice everyone out of the house for the traditional Boxing Day walk, together with ideas on games to play along the way.

Skiing: A Guaranteed White Christmas

In today's blog we take a look at several European skiing resorts to visit oveer the festive season that will guarantee a white Christmas!

Top camping gift ideas for 2016

Anybody who likes the great outdoors, sports or camping would love to receive a present from a good camping store. This article covers a range of gift ideas.

Ending the 2016 Camping Season

With Autumn well underway, we take a look at how you can make that last camping trip an enjoyable one, before the camping season ends. In the colder months it is almost essential to be able to have a fire, so if you're used to sites with lots of facilities but no campfires allowed then now may be th

Packing for a Camping Trip – or How to Play Tetris in your Car

Whether you’re off to a festival or a week of camping with family and friends in the great outdoors there will no doubt be a huge amount of kit to take with you, plus your clothes, entertainment and food. If you have a big car and a trailer this probably won’t be a problem for

Pop Up Tents Offer a Modern and Convenient Camping Experience

If you’re looking to build some wonderful late summer or even autumnal memories, then how about buying one of our pop up tents and heading out with a few pals to the countryside. Camping can be a lot of fun, it’s also healthy and very enjoyable for couples, groups of friends or families. Spending ti

Festival Essentials

Festival season seems to last longer and longer every year! Festival camping means camping on the busiest campsite you will ever stay on! Some people only camp when they go to a festival and others have more experience in living under nylon, but whatever your approach to camping at a festival, ther

How About a Ten Man Tent?

It’s not every large family that wants to go camping, but for those who opt for this affordable and fun holiday option, there are a wide range of ten-man tent choices available. With blended families being the norm these days and some families just being quite large, there are a number of ten man te

Enjoy the Great Welsh Outdoors with these Campsites

There’s still plenty of time this summer to enjoy what Wales has to offer when it comes to outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, cycling or surfing. Look for space at these campsites to be well positioned for active fun. Oak Grove Retreats, Powys Located just 200 yds away from the river Wye,

Best Camping Buys for the Season

Many more of us may holiday in the UK this year, as the cost of foreign currency rises against the pound, and a camping holiday is just about the best way to get away without breaking the bank. Whether you have a good collection of equipment or are starting out, here are our top buys

What You Need to Know About Pitching a Family Sized Tent

Being able to put up a family sized tent that is built to house between 8 and 12 persons, puts you in the ninja camper category! If you haven’t already had this experience or had the opportunity to build up this knowledge, here’s a short cut. A family sized tent takes some investment. Not only

Campsites with Activities for Families

If you like to truly make the best of your holidays when the children are off school, then you’ll love these campsites with activities for families. Whether your interests lie in cooking, swimming, acting, hiking or rafting, read on and you’ll find a campsite suited to you and your family. Located n

How to Survive Camping in the Rain

Not every camping trip will coincide with sunny weather; unfortunately some weekends will see rain the entire time, so it is a good idea to have some contingency plans in place to get you through a wet holiday. Dry clothes are a must when the weather is nasty, so keep a spare set of clothes

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Camping with a Tent

Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature. Birds singing and a breeze rustling through trees. You’re dressed in your favourite flannel pyjamas, somebody has put a brew on and you’re ready for a day of good times and family fun. Sounds fabulous, right? That is exactly what camping with a tent is abou

European Ski Resorts Offer Something New for Winter 2016/2017

Although it’s not everybody who chooses to build their own ski package, it does offer a bespoke experience that costs less. Fortunately, there are plenty of new hotels that have sprung up in the Alps for this next season that fit the bill perfectly when it comes to building your own package. Let’s e

What Every Festival Goer Should Know About Festival Food

There’s no doubt about it. Beer is not enough to sustain any fun loving festival-goer. When you’re in the party mood, cooking meals over the campfire may not appeal either. However, we’ve collected a few tips together to ensure that as a festival-goer you’ll eat well without it costing you an arm, a

How to Find the Best 3 Man Festival Tent

Festivals are so much fun, but need to be well planned in order to fully deliver on their promise. Read on and we’ll guide you in selecting the best possible 3-man festival tent so that you can have one of the best weekends of your life! Of course, nobody wants to stay in a hotel

Camping Equipment and Beach Trips

As soon as the weather gets nice, we all want to head to the beach, a trip that usually involves lugging loads of kit with you to stake out a plot for the day; think windbreaks, refreshments, towels and blankets plus suncream, buckets and spades. Luckily, if you happen to be camping near the coast

Camping Comforts: Inflatable Sleeping Mats

Nobody needs a bad night’s sleep on a camping trip. With long days spent at the beach, taking long country walks or touring local attractions – it’s important to feel well rested and ready to enjoy every moment of your break away. An inflatable sleeping mat, sometimes known as a camping mat, can hel

Planning Your Camping Meals

Camping meals shouldn’t be just baked beans, cornflakes or a Spam sandwich in this day and age. In these modern gourmet focused times, it’s possible to make a wide range of different meals on the campsite. Even so, it’s a wise camper who looks into preparing and planning camping meals from home so t

Keep Fit With Hiking and Camping

Most of us get stressed from our hectic lifestyles with very limited quality time available to spend with friends and family. Minor health concerns can arise from not finding the time to exercise as much as we should, at any age. As we all become more conscious of what we should and shouldn’t be doi

Camping Gear You Shouldn’t Be Without

There’s no doubt that for those of us who love camping, this is the best time of year. Months of summer lie ahead with the possibility of camping every weekend if we so choose. However, having the required camping gear is a must in order to truly enjoy the experience to the full – at

What Do You Need to Cook on a Campsite?

Your camping trip vision will no doubt contain some far nicer meals than marmite sandwiches. Indeed, kicking back round the campfire is one of the many joys of outdoor living – especially if the weather is nice. If you’re going to whip up something a little more complicated that a sandwich, you’re

3 Best Picks for Your Next Camping Trip

Now that we are finally seen some beautiful sunshine, it’s time to make the most of it and take to the great outdoors. Yippee!! What welcome news! For many of us this can only mean a camping trip with our favourite friends or family. A location that takes you away from the stresses and strains

Guide to Camping Weather Forecasting

The Novice’s Guide to Camping Weather Forecasting It’s fair to say that the British are weather and climate obsessed. If our weather was reliable and could be relied upon to be the same, day in and day out, there wouldn’t be much to say about it. But the reality is, is that you can leave

What You Need to Know About Water and Waste

Although we take clean water for granted in our homes, it’s not always on tap when camping. You should always consider your health and wellbeing when accessing any water to either drink or wash when camping. However, you should find a tap on your campsite, no matter how small it is – This water can

Booking Your Camping Holiday

There’s no denying that the seasons have changed, and we are now into spring and summer, so if you haven’t already, now is the time to book your camping holiday before all the best pitches are taken. Here are our top tips for smooth booking. 1. Set the date This might seem like a very

Bristol Camping Tent Sale – This Weekend!

Get ready to make big savings. This year we have a cut price tent sale that you must not miss and it’s happening in July. Most tent shops don’t sell their tents at discount prices until the end of the summer. Not us! We will be starting our tent sale at the beginning of July

Inflatable tents – Whatever Next?

If you’re reading this then there is a high chance that you have encountered the problem of broken or missing tent poles at least once in your outdoor experiences. Sometimes it is possible to overcome the problems caused by lost or damaged tent poles with the judicious use of duct tape, string and

Camping Pods and DIY Projects

If you camp regularly and enjoy the spontaneity of setting off on a road trip of a Friday night then a towable camping pod might be the solution to discovering a new place every weekend with minimal planning and fuss. The Slovakian designed ecocapsule is an off grid unit that will fit on a standard

Campfire Entertainment Made Easy

The weather seems to be taking a while to warm up this year, but that hasn’t stopped many people from enjoying their first camping trip of the year. While yours might be a while away, there’s no harm in starting to think about the evening entertainment, whether you have a campfire or not. If there

3 of the Best Garden Campsites in the UK

If you’re looking for somewhere relaxing and pretty, then a garden campsite might suit you down to the ground! Pitch your tent in a field of bluebells or look for falcons and owls with the children. These campsites are off the beaten track and should give you an opportunity to stargaze and to go bac

Camping Product Spotlight: The Vango Beta XL Adventure 3 Person Tent

This 3 pole tunnel tent sleeps 3 and is very popular for a number of reasons. Built to withstand wind and rain, this tent has a sleeping pod that will always remain dry. It’s a tent that has been built with the slightly longer camping trip in mind. It’s suitable for week long stays or

Tips on Getting a Reluctant Camper Out into the Wild

Most of us know someone who has never been camping, and who is certain, to the point of stubbornness, that they will not enjoy it. This might be the year to change all that and get your staunchly indoors-only friend to come on a camping trip, so we have laid out a couple of techniques

Coleman Camping Gear for Your Next Camping Trip

Coleman is the largest manufacturer of camping gear in the world. They make a wide variety of camping essentials that will help to ensure that you have everything that you need for your camping trip to be a roaring success. Here are our suggestions for Coleman camping gear that you may want to take

What to Do When It Rains While Camping

Even if you plan your camping week to be in the driest week ever known to man, it’s possible that it could still do the unthinkable. Yes, it could still rain. It’s wise to prepare for the worst – that is, if you are camping in England! Here’s how to go about it: Vote Ask

Solar Chargers for Camping – Motorhome Edition

Investing in a solar charger for your motorhome or caravan leisure battery will enable you to camp for a lot longer without electrical hook ups, and save on charging and replacing leisure batteries, especially during winter storage (as an alarm system will slowly drain a battery that is not being ch

Life Lessons for Children on Camping Holidays

Life is very different for today’s children and taking them off on camping holidays can be one way to get them back to the basics of enjoying family life. They are often too caught up in the world of gaming, social media, iPads, iPhones and asking for Wi-Fi passwords everywhere they go. Unplug and S

What to Consider When Taking Young children and Babies Camping

Lasting family memories can be created by taking the entire family on a camping trip. It can be such a natural, interesting and fun thing to do. If you’re looking for safety information for taking young children and babies with you, then read on. Being safe is of great importance and will play a maj

Family-friendly British Music Festivals for Summer 2016

There are some truly excellent events being held all over the country this year for families who want to enjoy summer festivals. Here is our pick of the best festivals for summer 2016: Green Man 18-21 August Held in the Brecon Beacons, the Green Man festival is remarkably similar to how Glastonbury

7 Fabulous Camping Tips for First Time Festival Goers

If you’re planning on your first festival this year, then be sure to read our most fabulous festival camping tips. Prepare for the car park to be a long way away from where your tent will be installed. This needs to be considered as you pack. Of course, making one or two trips is fine,

Solar Chargers for Camping – Part 1

Buying a solar charger for your camping trips might appeal to the technologically minded among you, as well as those who camp wild for extended periods of time and need a way to recharge a leisure battery without an electrical hook up. There are a lot of chargers on the market, from those designed

Camping and Electricity

Although many campers love to get away from it all when they break free of the towns, many prefer to travel with their comforts including a few electrical appliances. Today, we’re going to discover what you need to know about how to power your electrical devices at the campsite. There are two main m

There’s an App for That: Camping Apps Part 3

We’ve looked at the apps that help you find the perfect pitch, and the ones that improve your time away in terms of cooking and entertainment, but there are some more on the market that are almost essential for the serious and regular camper. Knot Behind is a knot tying app that shows you how

Put a Spring in Your Step

With Easter having been early this year, it still feels a little cold for Spring to really be here, although the flowers and lambs out in the fields tell us otherwise. Despite the cold, there are still some great ways to enjoy the outdoors without going on a full overnight camping trip and we think

Take Easter Fun Camping This Year

The traditional Easter egg hunt gave us some ideas for camping activities to keep kids happy this year, but rather than take a whole load of chocolate with you and risk over-sugaring the children, we thought it better to use what is around you in nature first. Of course, a well-hidden chocolate alo

5 Legendary Camping Fails to Avoid

Even the most clued-up of experts have occasions when camping can go a little awry. They can range from the simplest hindrances to what might be considered absolute disasters when told as stories over future dinners. Here is a list of what many campers experience when things go slightly off track… 1

There’s an App for That: Camping Apps Part 2

In part 1 we looked at some handy apps for setting up camp, including apps to help you find a level pitch that will not get the morning sun, which is the holy grail of camping! Now we will take a look over some apps that will help you get the most out of your

5 Ways to Spend More Time Outside This Year

To spend more time outside this year and to inspire our friends to is one of our goals here at Attwoolls in 2016. It’s no secret that being in nature comes with a lot of benefits, many of them connected to wellbeing, reducing stress whilst increasing overall happiness. We have brainstormed and have

Camping Tips: The Perfect Pitch

Even if you’re told where you are to pitch your tent when you arrive on a campsite, you’ll still need to take into account some important factors. For example, which way is the wind blowing and what will the outcome be if it pours down with rain? Here’s what you’ll need to consider: Where are

What You Need to Know Before Your First Skiing Trip

If you’re preparing to go on your first skiing trip or snowboarding holiday, then there are some points that you really should know first before you hit the slopes. Although some prefer holidays that involve laying around in the sunshine on the beach as opposed to taking part in a sport that can be

Camping with Cutting Edge Technology – Camping Apps Part 1

The sheer number of apps and mobile games on the market can make it quite a daunting experience to find and choose an app that serves the functions you need, especially when there are several versions made by different developers, as well as free vs. paid for versions of the same app. With this in

Winter Camping and How to Stay Warm

Camping doesn’t have to be an activity that only takes place in the summer. Once you know how to keep warm, it’s something that is available to do in the other seasons too. We’re going to share with you some tips that will help you to stay comfortable on your winter camping trip. Remember that

British Camping Ideas: Experience TV Locations

Most people have a favourite television programme. If you want to do something different this year, you could take a look around the locations of where your favourites are filmed and explore their local area. Broadchurch This crime whodunnit drama stars the popular duo of Olivia Colman and David Ten

camping abroad, camping in Australia, tent camping

It might be too cold for most people to camp out at this time of year, but by travelling to sunnier places you can still enjoy the great outdoors in the winter months. Australia has its summertime during our winter, so if you want to go on a motorhome holiday then the land down under

What’s New in Camping? What the Gadget is That?

The recent trouble that we’ve seen on the news has convinced many holiday makers that they prefer to stay in the UK for their next break. If that’s you and you think camping could be your thing, then read on as we discover what’s new in the world of camping and gadgets. Most Brits love

Award Winning Campsites – Part 2

In the first part of our look at the AA campsites award winners for 2015 we focused on the overall winners for England, Scotland and Wales as well as the Holiday Centre winner in the Lake District. Part two covers the regional winners and the small campsite champion. The South West regional award w

Award Winning Campsites – Part 1

Each year the AA give out awards for the best camping and caravanning sites in the UK, so they are a great way to find out about excellent sites that you may not have visited yet. This year the overall winner for England was the Oakdown Country Holiday Park in Sidmouth, Devon. Witches Craig Carava

How to Camp – An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Camping comes in a variety of different flavours including caravanning, tenting and hiking to name the most obvious styles. Once you know which type of camping you are going to try, then you can figure out what equipment you need to take with you. Caravanning This is typically the most luxurious app

5 Camping Products for Your Child

Taking children camping can be so much fun and can build some truly wonderful family memories. Whether you plan your first camping trip with your first child or you will be taking a lot of children away, your little ones need somewhere to sleep. Here’s what we suggest: Vango mini sleeping bag Availa

Year-round Camping; Why do Sites Close?

Although some of us are happy to camp all year round, most people tend to save their camping holidays for the warmer months; a trend that is reflected in the opening times of a lot of campsites. Many sites close over the winter given the drop in bookings and the unpredictable weather that can lead

Camping: When and Where Matters

If you’re thinking of going camping in 2016, then congratulations. You’re going to join the rest of us who love to sleep under the stars each year. Thousands of people like to get away each year, leaving their residential streets to set themselves up in a field with just neighbouring cows for compan

Where Can You Find Guaranteed Ski Snow?

This year has been unseasonably warm and it’s not everywhere that has seen their full share of snow as yet. If you’re planning to head to the slopes, you’ll want to know where you can go without fear that there won’t be any of the white stuff. Your safest approach to finding guaranteed snow is

Power Cut? How Camping Equipment can Help.

You may well have stored all your camping equipment away for the winter, but a lot of outdoor living kit can be very useful in the event of a power cut. It is a good idea to keep items such as camping stoves, warm sleeping bags and torches/lanterns in a place that is easily accessible

Get Physically Fit for Skiing

If you’re thinking of going skiing this year, there’s something you need to know. To get the most from your ski holiday, it’s important to physically prepare yourself, and get ski fit. Note that this isn’t the same as just fit… Although this might not appeal after the excesses of the festive season,

Camping Stoves – Which Is the One For Me?

Living under canvas for a week doesn’t have to mean eating beans on toast or a hotdog for every meal; with the right camp kitchen you can cook almost exactly as you would at home and recreate your favourite meals in the great outdoors. We have looked at the wide variety of camping stoves on

7 Things to Know About 3 Season Sleeping Bags

3 season sleeping bags are designed to be used in temperatures as low as -6 centigrade. They have features designed to combat cold weather such as zip draft tubes, draft collars and hoods that can be pulled tight. Here’s what you need to look out for when considering which model of the 3 season slee

Camping for the First Time in 2016?

Strange as it may seem, there are some people out there who have never really been camping, and who have decided they never will. Perhaps childhood memories of one night under leaking canvas have put paid to any thoughts of sleeping outdoors, or maybe stereotypes of what campsites are like from tel

Why You Should Consider Camping Locally

A camping holiday can be quite an undertaking; writing lists and packing the car for a week under canvas requires a level of planning that isn’t required for a holiday in a cottage or hotel. Even a weekend away needs the same amount of forethought and you’ll still need to take much of the same

A Guide to Skiing in Scotland

So much for global warming: It turns out that the snow conditions in Scotland have actually improved over the last few years. This has led to enhancement of ski centre facilities. Here are our 5 favourite Scottish skiing spots: If you want to beat the crowds and enjoy some dramatic scenery head to t

Book up Your First Camping Trip for 2016

Although we still have a few months until the tents come uot in the Spring and Summer to go, it is worth thinking about booking your camping holiday now. The more popular sites get booked up very quickly, and if you really want to camp in a specific location then it is worth organising that

Surprising Places for Ski Resorts

Although most of us are familiar with ski location names such as Whistler, Val D’Isere and Alpe D’Huez, there are many newer places that now either have or are planning to have a ski centre or resort. Muscat, Oman Who would have thought that such a hot city as Muscat would be planning a snow

Winter Glamping

We’ve looked at winter camping in the traditional sense; pitching a tent in a frozen field and lighting a campfire for warmth while trying to build a bed that will keep you off the ground. There are many people who enjoy the back to basics approach, and actually enjoy the challenge of surviving in

Best Ski Skills Courses This Winter

Now’s the time to get prepared to hit the ski slopes – if you do a ski skills technique course now then you can improve your game for the entire season. For those of you who have been skiing for some time but don’t seem to be improving beyond the intermediate level, you might wonder

Winter Camping

Well, the rain has arrived and the nights are getting chilly. Across the country, people are lamenting about how early they have turned the central heating on, and the summer wardrobes have been consigned to their winter storage. Camping equipment is also usually packed away at the same time, to b

Ski Fitness: How To Get Fit for the Slopes

Thinking that it’s time for you to get fit for the ski season? Here’s how you can get into shape for the slopes. Work out your biomechanics for better skiing Train your body to move in the most efficient way. Begin by standing in a skiing position in front of the mirror: Knees: are you

Storing Camping Equipment – Part 2

In Part One we looked at storing camping equipment indoors. We covered sleeping gear, tents and backpacks, but there are many more items of kit that you need for camping that should be properly packed away for the winter. There are some camping items that can be stored outdoors in a shed or locked

More Camping Gift Ideas for Christmas

Still stuck for gift ideas for your camping-mad friends? We have a few more leads for you, starting with camping chairs. For caravanners, a padded high backed chair is a lovely gift; providing the same comfort outdoors as inside; this camping chair includes a slide-out tray and padded headrest, an

Christmas Presents for Campers

With Christmas fast approaching it is time to start thinking about presents, unless you are one of those super organised people who has already finished their gift shopping and has wrapped them all up as well. The rest of us probably haven’t even started making a list yet, but with gift fairs and C

3 New Tents for the 2016 Camping Season

With 2016 camping season fast approaching, the latest tent models are out for preview and in some cases release. We’ve selected three in varying budgets for you to plan your year in camping. Vango Beta XL 450 Tent Ideal for weekend camping, the popular Vango Beta XL 450 Tent offers a generous sleepi

Bought a New Tent?

Buying a new tent ahead of a special camping trip always involves hours of online research, narrowing down your options until you know which models are suitable for your needs. Once the shortlist has been drawn up people often ask friends and family with similar tents for advice. Going to a campin

Is It Still Possible to Camp Wild in the UK?

Is this type of camping still available in the UK? The official response to that is that it is still officially legal, but you’ll need to have permission from the landowners. With the UK becoming more populated, it’s not always easy to find a tract of woodland where you can pitch your camp, let alo

Building the Perfect Campfire

The campfire is one of the biggest attractions of a stay outdoors, and although a lot of sites don’t permit fires on the ground, a portable fire pit can still provide the fun of a campfire without breaking any fire regulations. Do check with your site whether these are allowed, or if you really wan

Basic Camping Checklist

If you have never been camping before, or your only tent based experiences are at a festival then you’ll benefit from our handy checklist of camping basics. You may want to add your own essentials but this list is a good foundation in which to build your own camping checklist. 1. Somewhere to sleep

Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Camping Gear

If you are a first time camper you may consider buying cheap or discounted camping gear. This is not something we would recommend to our customers as it can get you into trouble later down the line. Do not get us wrong, we understand that financial constraints will sometimes mean that you need to lo

Best Ski Resorts To Suit All Abilities

So you’ve got a group of friends together who you think you’d have a blast going skiing with. The only problem is, they all have different abilities when it comes to performing this exciting snow sport. You scratch your head, you think some more. Hmm.. it looks like a bit of a nightmare now… where

The Most Unusual Camping Experiences

Over the last twenty years camping has changed dramatically. Camping accessories and equipment have been designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible, fancy and compact cooking equipment has been produced, even the trusted sleeping bag has changed. However, there are two things that have no

Camping with Children

Camping with Children – What You Need to Consider Taking children to the wilderness and expecting them to adapt instantly is not realistic for most people. Kids are used to internet access, screens and connecting to their friends at all hours of the day or night; look at almost any group of childre

Misconceptions of a Caravan and Camping Holiday

Caravan and Camping As I am sure you can imagine, we have heard our fair share of caravan and camping holiday disasters. From burnt beans to bee stings, there are a number of ways that people can go wrong when it comes to camping or caravanning. Don’t get us wrong a few mishaps are quite

The Best Camping Games for Children

Camping with your kids can be one of the best bonding experiences your family can go through. A lack of technology and the great outdoors can really help you connect, but being stuck in a tent with a bored child can be a parent’s worst nightmare. In fact, it could be a week of hell.

The Best Family Festivals

Some people are under the misguided illusion that festivals are just for adults. We think that those people are wrong! Festivals are not just for adults and children can enjoy making new friends, listening to music and camping just as much as any adult out there. There are a huge range of family fri

Our 7 Best Camping Tips

We recently had a customer pay us a visit in our store in Cheltenham who professed to be a first time camper. They wanted to know a few tips before they undertook what was to be their first ever tented adventure. It’s got to be said that our staff like to point fellow campers in

Save on Ski Resort Holidays

How to Save on Ski Resort Holidays Although the idea of booking your own ski trip may look a little more daunting than purchasing a done-for-you package deal, it can actually offer more for value, more flexibility and can be designed specifically you. Guaranteed snow is becoming harder to find these

September UK Campsite Reviews

If you’ve not checked out these campsites, do. They’re worth a look and could give you an outstanding camping holiday. Farm on the Hill, Prestwood, Staffordshire A small campsite that offers just enough space for 5 tents. Perfect if you’re a group of friends who want to get into the outdoor life tog

Camping Equipment You Cannot Afford To Be Without

Undecided about camping? If you’ve been the victim of failed attempts to pitch a tent or you’ve been bumbling around in the dark, looking for the toilet then read on to take the pain away. From travel irons to tents, camping toilets to stoves, here are some of the most essential camping equipment it

Gourmet Camping: Foodie Campsites

Gourmet Camping: The Best UK Foodie Campsites Now that we’re well into the summer months and many are planning their next camping trip, it’s a good time to look at campsites located close to outstanding local fayre. If you’ve watched the BBC television series, ‘One Man and His Campervan’ then you’ll

Best British Campsites of the Far North and the Far South

Camping isn’t just about pitching the tent, it’s also about the location. Here are some of the top UK campsites located in the far corners of the country that offer something different. Trewethett Farm campsite, Cornwall Trewethett Farm is very spacious and offers views of beautiful Tintagel. You mi

4 of The Best Beach Camping Spots

If summer means the beach and camping to you, then why not combine them both? Whether you are looking closer to home, or somewhere a little European flair, we take a look at some great campsites with beaches on their doorstep. Camping Les Roquilles in Palavas-les-Flots, France Close to Montpellier,

Leave No Trace – Six Principle Tips

With the environment in the condition that it is, many of us are very passionate about leaving no impact on the outdoors when camping and/or hiking. Here are our tips on how to achieve this: Plan ahead. Always wise to plan your trip in advance. You’ll know where you’re staying and you’ll be able to

Introduction to Camping Beds

Although camping is one of the best summer activities to make the best of the outdoors, it’s important not to spoil the experience by not having anywhere decent to sleep. It’s only when you sleep directly onto the ground that you realise that it can be really quite hard! You don’t want to impact any

Camping For Beginners

A 3 Minute Guide to Camping For Beginners If you’ve ever been to a campsite, you’ll be in no doubt what wholesome, affordable fun that camping with the family offers. It builds memories, it offers a way to thoroughly relax and it’s all at a price that won’t leave your bank account smarting in pain.

Our Camping Sale Continues

If you’re looking for a bargain this summer, then don’t miss out on our summer sale. We’ve selected a few awnings that are available at discounted prices, so that you have more room on your camping holiday. Cayman XL The Cayman tent is very popular and the Cayman XL is the high top version. Enjoy

Reasons to Go Camping!

8 Outstanding Reasons to Go Camping If you haven’t made any plans to go camping this summer then you are missing out – big time! Here are 8 outstanding reasons to go camping in 2015 and beyond! Your health – The health benefits of camping are considerable. But it’s not just camping, it’s getting out

What to Look for in a Camping Shop

For your first camping trip, you may have started putting together a list of what you need to pack. Tent, sleeping bag and a kettle, right? Wrong. There’s a lot more to enjoying the great outdoors than having a great tent, and if you want this to be a trip you remember (for all the

Top 7 Caravan and Camping Tips

It’s that time of year again, when the days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer, and you fancy heading out into nature with your caravan or camping kit in tow. For those of you seeking the perfect outdoorsy holiday (and who isn’t?) we’ve put together our top seven caravan and camping t

Tents for a Camping Holiday

Top 5 Tents for a Camping Holiday Your tent is, without a doubt, the most important piece of camping equipment you’ll need. Your sleeping bag, tent pegs and travel kettle won’t be much use without a great tent to keep you safe and warm during your camping trip in the great outdoors. To make choosing

How to Choose the Right Rucksack

Whichever rucksack you choose, you’ll need to ensure that you can get to all of your essentials. Our advice is to go for a classic rucksack if you are looking to spend time walking and camping, otherwise you may find that a daysack will work for you. Most rucksacks are designed so that the weight

Ever Wanted to Try Wild Camping?

If you’ve ever been to Dartmoor or the new Forest and thought that you wanted to pitch a tent in the middle of them, then you might want to read on. Although wild camping is very appealing, there are a few points that you need to know before you try it. Wild camping and going

Tents for a Family Holiday

Best Tents for a Family Holiday You and the family have decided to ditch the package holiday this year in search of some good clean fun in nature. To make sure everything goes to plan, we’ve rounded up the very best family tents so that you and yours have a fantastic holiday without any unwanted

Camping Gear for Rough Terrain

Best Camping Gear for Rough Terrain So, you’ve decided to embrace your inner adventurer and get out into the great outdoors. We know that simply camping in a field isn’t good enough – you want to truly explore nature and get to grips with the wilderness. For you, rough terrain is the only thing that

Camping Equipment You Can’t Leave Home Without

If you’re looking to head off into the great outdoors for a camping adventure, then you need to be sure that you have the right camping equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re going with family, friends, with a partner or alone – if you’re heading out on a camping trip then check out our list

Inflatable Awning Reviews: Vango Attar 380 and 440

Awning Reviews: Vango Attar 380 and 440 The new 2015 season is bringing some truly excellent tent and awning designs with it, for example, the Vango Attar 380 and the Vango Attar 440 are new additions to the inflatable drive-away awnings market. In today’s post we’re going to take a good look at the

Inflatable Tents

FAQs on Inflatable Tents Inflatable tents are quite the in thing at the moment, but we know that it’s a new term to many so have put together the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers on this new tent system. Although hearing the term ‘inflatable tent’ might bring to min

Camping Toilet Solutions

Take your own Camping Loo! Nothing can beat a camping trip! Getting out into the countryside and sleeping under the stars in a tent is something that many of us enjoy. However, there is one aspect to camping that is not always fully pleasant for everybody. Although most campsites can be very nice, u

3 Music Festivals That Are Free

Free Music Festivals – Let’s go Camping! For many, the summer time means music festivals. With the likes of Glastonbury, Reading and the Isle of Wight firmly pencilled into the annual calendar, lovers of live music are spoilt for choice when it comes to paid events. The very best of both internatio

The UK’s Best Camping Locations

Best Camping Locations Now that the weather has started to warm up and bank holidays are on the way, it could be time to start planning your next camping weekend with the family. Fortunately, the UK is chock-a-block with great camping locations. Whether you fancy a relaxing time based mostly around

Select a Great Camping Stove

How to Select a Great Camping Stove The gratifying results of owning a camping stove means cups of tea, bacon sandwiches for breakfast, omelettes at worst and far more sophisticated delicious tasting meals at best. But which type should you consider when you’re looking for the camping stove that sui

Camping Air Beds

Camping Air Beds That Offer a Great Night’s Sleep If this is the season that you’ve decided to splash out on a new air mattress for your summer of camping trips, then read on. Our staff have selected the best picks for you. They recommend that you should ignore your urge to buy the cheapest

How to Camp: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Camping Air Beds That Offer a Great Night’s Sleep If this is the season that you’ve decided to splash out on a new air mattress for your summer of camping trips, then read on. Our staff have selected the best picks for you. They recommend that you should ignore your urge to buy the cheapest

Camping – Tips for Safety and Security of Kids

Camping Trips: Tips for Safety and Security of Kids Taking the entire family on a camping trip might be one of the most memorable holidays that you will ever have. It’s creative, fun and a great way to spend special bonding time with children and your partner. Read on if you want to find out

Buying a Family Camping Tent

What to Consider Before Buying a Family Camping Tent If you’re considering buying a family tent, then you’ll need to answer a few basic questions first. Once you have answered these then you will know which tent will match your needs so that you can enjoy the best camping experience having spent les

Instant Shelter – A Necessity For Camping

A Necessity For Camping If you’re planning to attend a festival or to host a social event this year, you may want to consider an instant shelter. Designed to give shade from the sun or rain, they can provide either a social gathering spot or a quiet space to enjoy reading a good book, out

Make Your Tent Buying Decisions Easier

The 7 Basic Options to Make Your Tent Buying Decisions Easier Any budding or established camping enthusiast should be clued up on the different options they’ll be faced with when buying a tent. It’s vital that your choice suits your needs and once you’ve read this, you’ll be well set to head out to

How to Choose the Right Family Tent

Choosing the Right Family Tent The success of a family camping trip is dependent upon choosing the right family tent. Although camping can be marvellous fun, if the wrong tent is selected, it can be an utter disaster. Nobody will be happy and you’ll wish that you’d jetted off to another part of the

Backpacking Tents – 3 Minute Buying Guide

Picking the perfect backpacking tent needn’t be a mind-boggling exercise. Here is the purchasing process broken down into 4 easy steps so that you can buy the ideal one with confidence: Which season? Many people prefer to avoid camping during the wintertime. If that’s you, then a 3 season tent will

Camping Cooking Resources

Best Camping Cooking Resources It’s a fact of life that everybody loves good food – and this doesn’t change when you’re on a camping trip. In actual fact camping can put even more of a focus on food as there’s generally more time to enjoy it and all that hiking and fresh air will increase

Camping Cookware

Camping Cookware You Can’t Do Without So you’re all set for your first camping trip, but you’ve been thinking about cooking. What are you going to eat, how will you cook it and on what? Cooking during a camping trip can be fun as it’s all outside. However, by planning in advance, you can be

Camping Chairs Are Not Just for the Camp Site

When it comes to versatility, camping chairs are one of the big winners. They can be used for many more occasions than just the annual camping holiday. Concerts, races, picnics and more are all typical settings for this flexible and foldable piece of furniture. Many camping seats are even equipped w

Cleaning Camping Gear Before Putting It Away

If you’re a regular camper, you are most probably well clued up on what needs to be done when it comes to putting the camping gear away after a trip. For those of you who are not quite so experienced, we’ve been brainstorming what you need to do so that your tent and equipment is

Cleaning Camping Gear

Cleaning Camping Gear Before Putting It Away If you’re a regular camper, you are most probably well clued up on what needs to be done when it comes to putting the camping gear away after a trip. For those of you who are not quite so experienced, we’ve been brainstorming what you need to do

Secrets of Camping Comfort

The Secrets of Camping Comfort: Family Festival Camping Despite the rain and the mud, the crowd of thousands still flocks to Glastonbury music festival every year. Relying on the sun to shine is something that the British know not to do, even when there’s camping involved. Festival camping as a fami

Protect Against Winter Cold

Protect Against Winter Cold With Barbour Jackets Barbour jackets hold a long and successful history in the UK. Founded in Scotland in the late 1800s, they are now a well-recognised and beloved brand of UK clothing. Their versatility is one of their strongest allures. Worn by both the town and countr

Ski Resorts for Guaranteed Snow

Best Ski Resorts for Guaranteed Snow If you’re a fan of early or late season skiing then you’ll want to know where you can go that will offer you guaranteed snow. There’s nothing worse than spending out, booking time off work and then turning up to slopes of green. Although some resorts may opt to

Winter camping – 28% up This Year

Winter camping: Can You Really Be That Cold…? It’s no secret that when you want a fire to light, it doesn’t want to take. All the flapping, match lighting and stuffing with bits of toilet paper won’t always save the day. There are times when things just aren’t going your way. This is how things

Thrills of Extreme Snowboarding

The Excitement and Thrills of Extreme Snowboarding When it comes to extreme snowboarding, the bigger the tricks, the greater the excitement and thrills. Typically performed on rough terrain, this type of snowboarding is described as free ride and it makes the best use of natural obstacles. Rock gaps

Activities for Camping Kids

Fun Activities for Camping Kids Taking your kids camping and giving them a break from the frenzied routine of city life is important. Breathing the fresh air in nature is something that the entire family will benefit from. If you want to take them away but leave the modern time consuming computer de

Family Camping Holidays

Benefits of Family Camping Holidays Although we’ve only just entered the colder months, it won’t be long before summer 2015 is upon us. If you haven’t made your plans yet, then why not consider a family camping holiday? Let’s look at what the benefits are of a family camping holiday under the open s

Snowboarding? Gear You Need

What Do You Need When It Comes to Snowboarding Gear? With winter just around the corner, it’s that time again when we start thinking about holidays in the snow. If you’re looking into trying snowboarding this year, then you might want to know what’s involved when it comes to the equipment required t

Winter Camping – How Cold?

Winter camping: Can You Really Be That Cold…? It’s no secret that when you want a fire to light, it doesn’t want to take. All the flapping, match lighting and stuffing with bits of toilet paper won’t always save the day. There are times when things just aren’t going your way. This is how things

Teaching Your Kids to Ski

Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Ski If you’re planning a skiing holiday with the kids this year, here are some tips to apply that we picked up from a former kids ski instructor. Not too early. Although many parents like to start their kids skiing at a young age, any age less than four

Winter Camping Sites

Winter camping sites Experienced campers are familiar with the British summer and its eccentricities. What can be promised as a week of brilliant sunshine can rapidly lead to the need for wellies, the induction of severe cabin/tent fever and a muddy porch! The silver lining to this is that campers a

Camping With Teenagers

A Secret of Successful Camping With Teenagers It’s only to be expected that teenagers will begin to lose passion for family holidays as they grow up. They might not want to spend all that time with the family, they may have a need and a desire for their own space and may also spend time

Camping This Autumn With These Tent Warming Tips

Carry On Camping This Autumn With These Tent Warming Tips Just because the leaves are dropping, it doesn’t mean that all the fun of camping has to come to an end until next year. By using these tent warming techniques, you can enjoy another month or so on campsites around the country and enjoy the

Camping Activities: Geocaching

Camping Activities: Getting Started with Geocaching If you’re planning a long camping holiday, then you’ll certainly need some activities to keep you and family and/or friends amused and entertained. Something that is popular with many of our clients is geocaching and it may also appeal to you. It’s

Camping Holidays with Young Children

Camping Holidays with Young Children What better way to build family memories than taking camping holidays? Not only are they budget friendly and informal, they also come stacked with playmates to keep the children busy whilst you take a break. If your children are young enough to think that getting

Feeding The Family On A Campsite

What To Feed The Family On the Campsite The halcyon days of summer are here! According to a recently published newspaper article, a third of all Britons say their top holiday memory is of a camping trip. Most sweet memories include food in the equation and it’s certainly important to eat well on cam

Choose the Right Tent

How to Choose the Right Camping Tent These days camping tents are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you’ve got plans to hike up Fort William or you want to attend a festival this summer, we can help you to choose the right one for your specific situation. Here are

Camping in Africa – Ready For An Adventure?

Camping in Africa – is it safe & tips on what to take Most of the people who visit Attwoolls will have had their fair share of camping in the UK, but what about going further afield? How about an African adventure? If you’re the kind of person who is looking for a bit more

Camping Toilet Tents

Camping Toilet Tents: 7 Features to Look For If you’ve been looking around for a camping toilet tent, then you’ll already be aware that there are several different models to choose from. These toilet tents are produced for the following situations: Camping in sites where there isn’t a toilet availa

Guide to Camping Weather Forecasting

The Novice’s Guide to Camping Weather Forecasting It’s fair to say that the British are weather and climate obsessed. If our weather was reliable and could be relied upon to be the same, day in and day out, there wouldn’t be much to say about it. But the reality is, is that you can leave

Camping Hacks and Tricks

Camping Hacks That You Wish You’d Known Sooner If you’re a regular camper, then you may or may not have heard of these camping hacks. If you haven’t, you could find yourself wishing that you had discovered them sooner. Foam floor tiles Fed up with that bumpy, cold and uncomfortable floor. Try kid’s

Tents for Music Festivals

Best Tents for Music Festivals If you’d like to become part of this summer’s music festival camping scene, then stop right where you are. We’ve put together a list of the best tents for music festivals on the market. Coleman Event Shelter 15 Although this tent is not so much of a tent but the

Good Camping Etiquette

Rules of Good Camping Etiquette Living a basic outside life is one of the biggest joys of camping. However, living in a field full of strangers in tents and caravans means that you’ll need to consider them to some degree. Here are Attwoolls’ tips on good camping etiquette: Barbecues Of course, it’s

Why Are Pop Up Tents So Popular

Why Are Pop Up Tents So Popular? You may have heard of the term pop up tent and wondered what that means. For all those old school campers, pop up tent is the name given to very easy to erect tents. The type of tents that can be pitched in under 5 minutes. It’s not

How to Look After Your Family Tent

How to Look After Your Family Tent With the right care, it’s possible for a family tent to last for years and years even with rugged use and handling by teenagers! Here at Attwoolls, we recently put our heads together to brainstorm the best tips that will keep your tent looking good, performing well

Tent Spotlight – Coleman Galileo 5

Family Tent Spotlight: Coleman Galileo 5 If you’re looking for a great family tent for 5 people, that is easy to pitch, then the Coleman Galileo 5 could be for you. A tunnel construction that uses a ring and pin pole attachment system, this tent is spacious, waterproof and windproof. It has a sewn-

Camping Equipment, You Shouldn’t Holiday Without

Camping Equipment, You Shouldn’t Holiday Without After a long cruel winter, there is finally something fabulous on the horizon. Summer is almost here. If you’re like us, summer is all about camping and barbecues. We can’t wait until it’s time to pitch our tents and start living the outdoor life aga

Camping for Beginners – Part1

Camping for Beginners: Food Whether you’re camping or glamping, there’s one magic ingredient that makes all food taste fantastic – fresh air. It works as an appetite stimulant and after a day of walking and beaching, you’ll be ready to eat something tasty off your campfire. Here are our tips for pre

Camping and music festivals – Which Tent

How To Be An Appy Camper At Music Festivals Camping and music festivals are just one of those classic combinations. Like many classics, however, they’ve kept in tune with the times and today’s music-festival goers are just as likely to be glamping in an elegant bell tent as backpacking with a compa

Beginner’s Guide To Glamping

The Beginner’s Guide To Glamping In years gone by, there were essentially two kinds of camping. One sort involved going out into the wilds and communing with nature. The other sort was a low-budget holiday on a dedicated campsite, which became a staple of English comedy in the post-war years, in p

The 3 Minute Guide to Skiing in France on a Budget

In today's blog we take a quick look at some French skiing resorts where you can have a fantastic skiing holiday for very little money.

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