Tent canopies

Tent canopies

Tent canopies have become very popular in recent years, and a tent canopy can be a very useful addition to your tent.  It offers shade in hot weather, and protection in inclement weather.  Whether you are looking for a Vango canopy, an Outwell Canopy or a Kampa or other model,  we may be able to help.  If we don’t stock it, we may be able to order one.  For enquiries, please call us on 01452 742233.

Tent Awning - What is it?

A tent awning, or tent canopy, can be a fully enclosed addition for your tent,  comprised of sides, front, door and groundsheet.  Or, as a tent canopy, it can be as simple as a door which unzips on two sides and the flap is held out by two poles.

What does it do?  The awning provides an attached and enclosed addition to your tent, effectively an extra room giving loads of extra space.  A tent canopy can be equally useful – it can be a cover, providing shelter when you change your boots and you haven’t got a brolly in the rain, or as a simple sun shelter.

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