Ski Boot Fitting

Our ski boot fitting service is available from the 1st October until the end of the Easter holidays

Ski boots are the most important thing to get right for your skiing holiday. Most people can relate to wearing ill-fitting hired ski boots that can cause a host of problems and pain with your feet. This will often spoil your holiday and overall experience.

Attwoolls Ski Shop can offer a professional Ski boot fitting service to provide you with great fitting ski boots and happy feet. We have the latest technology to make sure you are fitted correctly for your boots. We carry Salomon custom shell, Atomic memory fit, Superfeet custom insoles and our ski workshop offers the ability for boot stretching so any personal requirements can be met, resulting in an optimum ski boot fit.

How our boot fitting service works:


Firstly we need your time. To get the right fitting we would ask you to allow a minimum of one hour, if boot modification is required then this could take longer. Currently, we do not offer fitting appointments, however we usually have at least two experienced boots fitters available every day of the week. If you would prefer to arrange a time to be fitted then please ring us on 01452 742233 and will be happy to discuss your needs and put a suitable date in the diary.

What should you bring/wear?

If you would prefer to wear your own ski socks then please bring them with you. If you have not got your own we have sample socks for you to try and would be able to recommend the correct sock for you to purchase. Wear comfortable loose fitting trousers. You will need to roll up your trouser leg to just below the knee so that it won’t interfere with trying the boots on as well as giving us a clear view of the way you stand during the measuring process.


Our boot fitters will measure your feet and analyse your stance in order to see if further customisation is required or if a more supported footbed is needed in you ski boots. Other factors such as previous injuries and a conversation regarding your level of skiing will be used to choose at least two suitable ski boots that you will be able to try. We will then check the fit via a shell check to confirm that you are in the correct sized boot.


The alignment of your foot within the ski boot is one of the most important factors. To correctly align the foot and to improve the overall fit and comfort of a ski boot we would always recommend replacing the manufacturers insole with an orthotic footbed/insole. We stock Superfeet and offer footbeds from standard trim fit (£35.95-£39.95) to full custom insoles (£49.95-£64.95). Our boot fitters will be able to explain the differences and let you try demonstration pairs so that you can feel and recognise the benefits.

Finishing the boot fit with the correct heat process

Once you are happy with the ski boots you have chosen we will complete the fitting using the correct heating method. Every ski boot that we sell will have a heat mouldable inner boot liner, once this liner is heated and you have worn the boots you will have an excellent fit and will be ready for the mountains. Certain models of boots from Salomon and Atomic have custom shell or memory fit technology, with these particular boots our fitters will place them in our ski boot ovens giving you the ultimate fit. Once the boots are heated you will benefit from the entire boot shell moulding and not only just the liner. The heat process is very important part to ensure that you have a new pair of ski boots that are fitted exactly to your personal specifications.

Comfort Guarantee

Attwoolls will always strive to provide the best boot fit and service for our customers. We offer a comfort guarantee with every fitting which will give you peace of mind. In the unlikely event that you experience any issues with your new ski boots we will be happy to make alterations at no extra cost. We want you to have the best fitting pair of boots and will do everything possible to ensure that you have a great performing boot that is comfortable.

When you purchase your ski boots from Attwoolls we offer our expert fitting service free of charge. If you wish to have ski boots modified, heated or customised we will charge for this service when the boots have not been purchased from Attwoolls.

Our fitting charges are:
Salomon Custom Shell - £60.00
Atomic Memory Fit - £60.00
Inner boot liner moulding - £40.00
Boot Shell Stretching - £20.00 per boot