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Camping Checklist

We have been asked many times if we have a suggested equipment list for campers, so here is our starting list - but it is by no means exhaustive and suggestions are gratefully received!

Portable Chemical Toilets

Portable toilets are compact, lightweight and easy to use, and useful in caravans, motor homes, boats, tents or when you are camping on a site with no facilities.

Calor or Campingaz?

The main difference between the two are that Calor is only available in the UK, whereas Campingaz can be exchanged both at home and abroad but is only available as butane.

Camping and Leisure Batteries

Car batteries are designed to give out a large amount of power in a short space of time (required to start a car) and are then quickly recharged. A leisure battery on the other hand is designed to store power and release it over a much longer period of time.

Camping Mains Electric Guide

One of the main questions we are asked by campers is “how can I connect to and use mains electricity in my tent?”.

Care for Your Tent

We advise you to practice erecting your tent prior to use. Erect your tent completely as if actually on site. Then read our Tent Care guide.