One of the joys of camping, and of the summer in general, is the barbecue. Gas models are great for impromptu cooking outdoors at home, and equally so on the campsite, doubling up as a way to heat water and cook other meals. This portable gas barbecue is ideal for a group of four to six people and versatile enough for all your cooking needs. It is easy to assemble and comes with carrying bags to transport it wherever you go, but it is equally at home as your main barbecue.

Sites with electrical hook up for tents are great for a longer stay away; having mains access means being able to use a kettle, toaster or hotplate (although these should be low wattage versions as domestic appliances draw too much current for a camping hook up). If you are away for a week or so in a large tent it is worth having electrical items to make life a little easier, and a three socket mobile mains connector is perfect for setting up a mini kitchen. Make sure you are aware of the weather whilst using electricity in your tent, and read the safety information that comes with your connector carefully.

Comfortable camping chairs are a must when you are away for a few days, and the soft arms and deep wraparound seat of this folding chair are just the things to make you cosy around the campfire in the evenings. Weighing in at a little under 4 kilos, this is a lightweight and compact chair that will serve very well for picnics, camping trips, festivals and even at home when you have summer guests.

Equally light is this self-inflating mat, at 10cm thick and 3 kilos in weight. A self-inflating camping mat this thick offers the comfort of an air bed without the need for a bulky foot or battery pump, and also saves you the time and effort of inflating it yourself. These are great for children as they offer more insulation than a simple roll mat and are big enough to grow in to, making them a great investment in the long run. Self-inflating mats are excellent for mixed walking and camping holidays, as the comfort, they provide after a long day hiking more than balances the extra weight compared to a foam roll mat.

From a value for money point of view, this Kampa tent is too good to miss. The shape of the Brean 4 tent enables good standing height with plenty of headroom and because of the upright front wall, the living area is a very functional space. This feeling of spaciousness is further enhanced by the large windows at the front and left-hand side of the tent and the large side door which also combines a mosquito mesh panel, great for keeping the tent interior nicely ventilated as well as keeping the bugs out. This Kampa tent sleeps four and is an ideal tent for a festival when sharing with friends, for a family, or for a couple on a longer camping trip with food, cooking equipment and clothes to store.