We have brainstormed and have put together a list of inspirations for spending more time outside this year. Here are our recommendations:

Try a spot of glamping. Although camping may have a reputation for going back to basics, you can still add a touch of glamour and comfort to your break. Some people opt to step up their camping game with a camper van, complete with seating, kitchenette and even an awning for sheltered outdoor eating on rainy days. You’ll still be enjoying the outdoor life but with a few more home comforts at hand.
Build it into your everyday life. Spending time outdoors doesn’t have to be something that is especially planned for, it can be a part of your everyday life. Try devising a different theme for each month. For example:
February – try the NHS’s couch to 5k running plan
March – kite flying at the local park
April – a month of swimming on Sundays
May – camping
June – Outdoor photography in a local woodland
For the rest of the year think of some of your own favourite ways to spend more time with friends and family outside.
Prepare for the weather. Don’t feel that the weather has to get in the way of getting out there. Although it does rain a fair amount in the UK, just as long as you are wearing the right clothing and shoes, then you’ll stay warm and dry enough to enjoy yourself. It’s also an idea to consider what plan B is if the weather gets a little too uncomfortable where you are. It’s actually far more invigorating to walk against the wind, to walk through mud or have to trample through snow rather than to just amble along on a calm and sunny day.
Get your camera out. The great outdoors provides a variety of marvellous backdrops for photographs. Take images of your friends and family with views or even natural features behind them and you’ll be in another class when it comes to great photography. Think stone walls, long grass, fields of lavender, oak trees, lakes, beaches…the list is endless.
Stay in the garden. It’s not necessary to travel far to go camping. Even staying in your own garden or that of a friend will make a great location to get the same vibe as you would at a mini-festival. Go barefoot, leave your watch in the house and then stay up late to stargaze from camping chairs over a hot chocolate before retiring to the comfort of your tent.
With some imagination, there are plenty of ways to spend more time outdoors this year, and it will be something that will leave you feeling better for it.