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Tunnel Tent, Tent and Tunnel, Tunnel Tents

Tunnel Tent
Vango Inspire 600 Airbeam Tent
RRP 1,100.00
Our Price 999.00
Royal Brisbane 8 Tent
RRP 400.00
Our Price 339.00
Kampa Watergate 8 Tent 2015
RRP 485.00
Our Price 339.99
Kampa Oxwich 4 Tent 2015
RRP 315.00
Our Price 219.99
Vango Alder table
RRP 60.00
Our Price 49.95
Vango Calder 500 Tent & Footprint 2015
RRP 300.00
Our Price 269.00
Vango Beta 350XL 2015 Tent
RRP 140.00
Our Price 115.00
Royal Brisbane 6 Tent
RRP 350.00
Our Price 299.00
Royal Brisbane 4 Tent
RRP 300.00
Our Price 229.00
Outwell Whitecove 6 Tent & Footprint 2015
RRP 469.00
Our Price 369.00
Outwell Whitecove 5 Tent 2015
RRP 429.00
Our Price 349.00
Outwell Rockwell 3 Tent & Footprint 2015
RRP 269.00
Our Price 229.00
Kampa Watergate 6 Carpet
RRP 84.00
Our Price 69.00
Kampa Oxwich 6 Tent 2015
RRP 400.00
Our Price 279.99
Kampa Oxwich 5 Tent 2015
RRP 360.00
Our Price 249.99
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A tunnel tent offers space & versatility with some family tunnel tents sleeping up to 8 people. Our tent and tunnel range includes, Vango tents, Outwell and Kampa, amongst others.  You will find a good range of layout options if you are looking at tunnel tents, and whether it’s a large, family sized tent, or a small 2 man tent, you will find a tunnel tent to suit.

The term tunnel tent describes these tents perfectly – a series of poles which when assembled stand one behind the other, forming a tunnel shape.  These come in a huge variety of sizes and styles and are perhaps the most common form of family tents.

Tunnel tents offer a comparatively large amount of internal space.  They require fewer poles resulting in a lighter tent and are fast and simple to pitch.  Some models of tunnel tent are designed for extreme weather;  however they may be less rigid in high winds.  For extreme weather tunnel tents may need extra poles, guy lines and more care in selecting a campsite.

Some manufacturers have improved their designs to provide greater strength and stability in adverse weather conditions for tunnel tents.  For example, Vango developed the unique TBS - Tension Band System. The principle of this system is the support and stabilisation of the hoop structure to side winds, by creating an internal bracing system for each hoop.  You will see webbing which is attached to the top of the tent with two female end buckles. There will be corresponding straps at the sides of the tent with buckle attachments.  The webbing with the male end attaches to the top of the tent at the female end. The webbing should be loosened to its limit before doing this. The webbing can then be adjusted to hand tight through the buckles, and this helps brace and stabilise the poles in windy weather.

Tunnel tents can be as small as the Wild Country Hoolie 2, or can be a family tunnel tent such as the Vango Orava 600XL.