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Trailer Tent
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Looking for a trailer tent?  Browse online our range of trailer tents including Sunncamp & Trigano.   Or, better still, visit us in our Whitminster store and have a personal demonstration of how to set up a trailer tent.

With trailer tents, most of the walls are made from canvas. The fabric is folded out from the trailer and pegged out in the same way you would erect a frame tent.

For passers by, they often look identical to a large frame tent, the only clue being the tow bar protruding from the side of the tent.  Trailer tents offer beds which are raised off the ground, and which normally fold out from the main trailer.  Sometimes you can install an under-bed tent, for an extra, cosy sleeping area.  In larger trailer tents you can usually put inner tents in the awning for more sleeping space.

One advantage with trailer tents is that you can generally have an awning and sun awning to more than double the space offered by the trailer tent itself.

A trailer tent will give you self contained accommodation that you can tow with your family car, and has the advantage of raised beds.  However, it is lighter to tow, and unlike a caravan, you can easily store a trailer tent.

Brakes and trailer camping - small trailer tents may have no brakes fitted whereas bigger units need to have brakes fitted. The law states that a trailer tent must be fitted with brakes if its maximum permitted weight exceeds 750kg or the kerbweight of the car is less than twice the loaded weight of the trailer.  This will apply to any tent trailers.

Some trailer tents may have a kitchen as standard, whereas on others it is an optional extra. There are models with kitchens that can be used without unfolding any part of the tent.  This is ideal as you can use the kitchen to make tea if you stop for a break on your journey.  Trailer tent kitchens can be carried at the front of the unit, or at the back or even inside the trailer. Remember, a kitchen will add weight. Make sure it will not overload your towing ability.  Once the tent has been erected, the kitchen is  moved inside so long as there is a suitably ventilated place for it to stand, away from anything flammable.  Some of the larger kitchens can take two adults to carry them. 

We do sometimes have second hand trailer tents for sale at our store in Whitminster.  Also, we do occasionally purchase good quality used units - If your Trailer Tent has been well looked after and you are looking to give up touring, please contact us for a quote, either by using the email link, or by phoning us on 01452 742233