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Party Tent, Event Tent, Party Tents

Party Tent

The ideal yet inexpensive solution for all outdoor occasions.  Parties, barbeques, outdoor work areas and many other uses.

Party tents are portable but simple to set up.  They have vertical walls, enabling them to stand against buildings and give maximum use of the floor area.  The vertical walls also allow two or more to be linked together using optional gutters.  These tents have strong, easy to assemble steel frames - the frame simply slots together and each leg comes complete with a base plate which can be pegged to soft ground or hard standing.

The roof and walls can be easily washed down, and can be quickly attached to the frame using special bungees.

Party tents come with full instructions and a set of guy lines, but we do recmmend the use of our optional tie down kits in all but the very calmest of weather.  No special tools or skill are required and the tallest parts can be assembled at ground level.

Party tent assembly sequence

Party Tent 3x3 metre
Price 170.00
Party Tent 4x10 metre
(Temporarily unavailable)
Party Tent 4x10 metre
Price 455.00
Party Tent 4x4 metre
Price 240.00
Party Tent 4x6 metre
(Temporarily unavailable)
Party Tent 4x6 metre
Price 309.00
Party Tent 4x8 metre
Price 399.00
Party Tent 6x12 metre
Price 789.00
Party Tent 6x6 metre
Price 499.00
Party Tent Industrial 3x6m
Price 530.00
Party Tent Industrial 4x10m
Price 880.00
Party Tent Industrial 4x6m
(Temporarily unavailable)
Party Tent Industrial 4x6m
Price 625.00
Party Tent Industrial 4x8m
Price 725.00
Party Tent Industrial 6x12m
Price 1,350.00
Party Tent Industrial 6x6m
Price 840.00
Tie Down Kit
RRP 16.95
Our Price 14.95
_Party Tent 3x6 metre
(Temporarily unavailable)
_Party Tent 3x6 metre
Price 285.00
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