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Frame Tent, Canvas Tent, Frame Tents

Frame Tent
Cabanon Guadeloupe Tent
RRP 750.00
Our Price 699.00
Cabanon Barbados Tent
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Cabanon Barbados Tent
RRP 999.00
Our Price 950.00
Cabanon Chic-Chocs Tent
RRP 450.00
Our Price 375.00
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Traditional cotton frame tents, whilst you don’t see as many of them nowadays, still have many devotees, with good reason.  A good frame tent, well taken care of, will last you for years, if not decades. They cannot be beaten for adapting to the weather – in cold weather cotton is warmer, in hot weather it is cooler. Its breathability will keep you comfortable.  They use a rigid framework of straight poles (normally steel) and can offer lots of space, especially good headroom, plus stability when properly erected. To their detriment, frame tents tend to be heavy and take somewhat longer to put up than other tents.

A frame tent from our tent range offers strong construction and durability. Our canvas frame tents can sleep between 2 to 6 people. Cabanon are probably the best known brand for quality cotton canvas tents.

A Frame Tent will normally be composed of three parts: 

A steel or aluminium frame which connects together to provide a stable structure on which to place the canvas.

The canvas.  This covers the frame and is normally made of proofed cotton and will be made up of window panels and doors etc.

Inner tents which hang from the frame inside the main canvas and normally include a sewn in groundsheet.

Frame tents often have a roof lining which helps to insulate the roof of the tent and absorbs condensation.

Although there are Chinese frame tents on the market, the French have been making this type of tent for a long time, especially for the ready erected market, and seem to have got the products down to a fine art.  The quality of their product is normally the best that you can buy, which is why we stock Cabanon.

Having fully erected and checked your new tent/trailer tent, the inner tents, curtains and lining can be removed.  The outer canvas should now be left fully erected for several wet days to weather.  The first  rain  on new canvas will  cause  the  cotton  to  plump  up  and  close  up  the weave.  Until this happens, the canvas will not be fully waterproof.

One very popular cotton canvas tent that we sell is the pyramid style tent.  The Cabanon Guadeloupe and Cabanon Barbados are excellent examples of this style. The simplicity of the design and ease of erection is a huge advantage of this design. One main pole holds up the centre of the tent and two smaller form the door at the front. This design is very easy to put up - peg the four corners, up with the poles, add some guy lines and put the kettle on.  The design and the cotton canvas tent material helps this style to shed water very quickly and they tend to be cool, breathable and comfortable.