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Dome Tent, Dome Tents

Dome Tent
Khyam Biker Tent
RRP 229.99
Our Price 169.00
Kampa Caister 4 Footprint
RRP 26.00
Our Price 19.00
Coleman Darwin 4 Plus Tent
RRP 109.99
Our Price 80.00
Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent 2015
RRP 299.99
Our Price 199.00
Vango Sirocco 200 Tent 2016
(Please contact for sizes)
Vango Sirocco 200 Tent 2016
RRP 180.00
Our Price 169.00
Vango Sierra 300 Tent 2015
RRP 125.00
Our Price 115.00
Vango Halo 300 Tent 2016
(Please contact for sizes)
Vango Halo 300 Tent 2016
RRP 200.00
Our Price 189.00
Vango Alpha 300 Tent 2016
(Please contact for sizes)
Vango Alpha 300 Tent 2016
RRP 85.00
Our Price 69.00
Kampa Caister 5 Tent 2015
RRP 184.99
Our Price 149.00
Kampa Caister 4 Tent 2015
RRP 159.99
Our Price 129.00
Kampa Brighton 4 Tent 2015
RRP 89.99
Our Price 65.00
Kampa Brighton 2 Tent 2015
RRP 69.99
Our Price 49.00
Coleman Bering 4 Tent 2015
RRP 200.00
Our Price 179.00
Khyam Harewood Tent
RRP 999.99
Our Price 539.00
Khyam Chatsworth Tent
RRP 899.99
Our Price 419.00
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Dome tents have a lightweight characteristic and simple method of erection.  Even a family dome tent is quick to erect.

The basic shape bends flexible poles, threaded though channels, into half circles with both ends fixed to the base of the tent, often as part of the groundsheet.  The poles are normally made from fibreglass or, more expensively from a metal alloy.  Stability is good in smaller models but, they can get less stable as they scale up in size.  The basic dome tent has two crossed poles to achieve the shape, however additional strength, and space, is achieved by increasing the number of poles so the tent has a fully geodesic shape.  The term geodesic dome is used to describe a tent where the poles criss-cross over the surface, intersecting to form triangles, making it the most stable type of tent for extreme conditions.

A dome tent has two or more flexible poles arranged in sleeves to form semi-circles and meeting at the central top point of the tent, hence making a ‘dome’ shape. The larger the dome, the less stable it is in the wind, so most dome tents are of a smaller size.

Dome tents can range from a very compact one or two man right up to a family sized dome camping tent with room to stand.  They are relatively inexpensive and due to the compact size when packed they are easy to transport.  Higher dome tents are more vulnerable in high winds than a frame tent so care should be taken in poor weather. We sell dome tents such as the Vango Alpha 300, 3 man dome tent, up to larger models such as the Kampa Caister 5 family dome tent.