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Backpacking Tent
Vango Ark 300 Tent 2015
RRP 110.00
Our Price 95.00
Vango Beta 350XL 2015 Tent
RRP 140.00
Our Price 115.00
Vango Halo 300 Tent
RRP 200.00
Our Price 155.00
Vango Pulsar 300 Tent
RRP 185.00
Our Price 149.00
Vango Sierra 300 Tent 2015
RRP 125.00
Our Price 115.00
Wild Country Coshee 2 Tent 2015
(Temporarily unavailable)
Wild Country Coshee 2 Tent 2015
Price 120.00
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The most important consideration for any great backpacking tent is the weight. When you are back packing, and carrying your tent on your rucksack, then the less weight the better.  The obvious way to take out weight is to just manufacture lightweight backpacking tents for the minimum number of people – usually just for 1 or 2 people, although we do have backpacking tents which will sleep three people.  The other way that you can cut down on the weight you have to carry, is if you are travelling with one or more companions, split the tent between you – one of you can carry the poles, the other the flysheet and pegs.  So whether you’re backpacking here in the UK, or you’re looking for a tent to take on your travels, a backpacking tent is an great choice, and can make for cheap accommodation compared to a local hotel or hostel.

Choice of size - To cut down on the weight, many backpacking tents fit a little on the snug side. This amount of space might suit couples just fine, but two larger people might get on better with a 3-person tent or a larger 2-man model.  Don’t forget, when you are back packing, your kit will be in the tent with you.  If possible, visit our camping store and try the tents out.  We have several tents already set up so you can get inside and judge how well they match your size, your companion(s)s and your sleeping style.

Be aware that backpacking tents are made lighter by using the minimum materials for construction.  This means that budget models, for instance, may be fine for summer camping, or festivals, but they may not stand up to three season, serious use.  If you are using it for an expedition, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme or similar, pay as much as you can.   Lightweight, backpacker tents need to be looked at carefully to make sure you are getting a suitable one for your trip, whether that’s a mountainous expedition or a hiking trip in summer.