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4 Man Tent, 4 Person Tent, 4 Man Tents, 4 Berth Tent

4 Man Tent
Kampa Oxwich 4 Tent 2015
RRP 315.00
Our Price 219.99
Coleman Darwin 4 Plus Tent
RRP 109.99
Our Price 80.00
Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent 2015
RRP 299.99
Our Price 199.00
Cabanon Guadeloupe Tent
RRP 750.00
Our Price 699.00
Royal Brisbane 4 Tent
RRP 300.00
Our Price 229.00
Khyam Motordome Classic Awning
RRP 599.99
Our Price 439.00
Khyam Chatsworth Tent
RRP 899.99
Our Price 419.00
Kampa Caister 4 Tent 2015
RRP 159.99
Our Price 129.00
Kampa Brighton 4 Tent 2015
RRP 89.99
Our Price 65.00
Coleman Bering 4 Tent 2015
RRP 200.00
Our Price 179.00
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The 4 man tent category covers a broad spectrum styles and sizes.  On the one hand, for when you don’t mind squeezing in and intend to spend as little time as possible in side a tent, the Kampa Brighton 4 is an ideal 4 person tent for a festival, say.  At under £70 and weighing under 5 kilograms, this isn’t going to break the bank, and will be easy to carry, especially if you split the pack with a friend.  It has a useful porch area (handy for the wellies!) and if there are only three of you there is a little spare room to stretch.  Of course if there are only two of you, then you will really feel the benefit, with plenty of room for all your belongings! 

This type of 4 man dome tent is quick and easy to pitch, big enough to give you a bit of space, but it will also fit into the boot of your car, or split down for two of you to carry on your back.  Oh, and it won’t break the bank!

On the other hand, if you’re a family and are looking for a 4 berth tent, it may be more practical to look for something with a bit of headroom, such as the Vango Lauder 400 tent – a 4 person tunnel tent.  At under £200, a four man tent like this is ideal if you are new to camping, and just want to give it a try without a huge expense.

Then there are the quite spacious, high spec inflatable tents such as the Vango Airbeam Eden 400 4 man tents.  This would be suitable as a quick, weekend tent, or comfortable enough for a longer stay.

Whatever you’re looking for, we stock a good range of 4 man tents, from great manufacturers, such as Vango, Outwell, Kampa, Royal, and we’re sure to have something suitable.