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3 Man Tent, 3 Person Tent, 3 Man Tents, Berth

3 Man Tent
Kampa Rock Peg Set
RRP 10.95
Our Price 9.95
Khyam Biker Tent
RRP 229.99
Our Price 169.00
Coleman Darwin 4 Plus Tent
RRP 109.99
Our Price 80.00
_Vango Halo 300 Tent
(Temporarily unavailable)
_Vango Halo 300 Tent
RRP 200.00
Our Price 155.00
Vango Sierra 300 Tent 2015
RRP 125.00
Our Price 115.00
Vango Pulsar 300 Tent
(Temporarily unavailable)
Vango Pulsar 300 Tent
RRP 185.00
Our Price 149.00
Vango Eden V 400 Airbeam Tent
Price 1,100.00
Vango Beta 350XL 2015 Tent
RRP 140.00
Our Price 115.00
Vango Ark 300 Tent 2015
(Temporarily unavailable)
Vango Ark 300 Tent 2015
RRP 110.00
Our Price 95.00
Vango Alpha 300 Tent 2015
RRP 85.00
Our Price 69.00
Outwell Rockwell 3 Tent & Footprint 2015
RRP 269.00
Our Price 229.00
Khyam Highlander Tent
RRP 169.99
Our Price 134.00
Khyam Freelander Tent
RRP 299.99
Our Price 219.00
Kampa Brighton 3 Tent 2015
RRP 74.99
Our Price 55.00
Coleman Darwin 3 Plus Tent
RRP 99.99
Our Price 70.00
Coleman Darwin 2 Plus Tent
RRP 79.99
Our Price 55.00
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Explore our range of 3 man tents and find the right tent for you.  Our 3 person tent selection has been carefully sourced to offer the best 3 man tent for a variety of circumstances.

You may be two or three people backpacking, in which case the Wild Country Coshee 3 would be ideal.  At only 2.6 kg, this weight is less than a kilogram each if shared between three persons.

Some 3 person tents lend themselves ideally to two people in certain circumstances.  For instance, the Khyam Biker is ideal for a couple on a motor cycling holiday.  Easy to strap onto the bike, and with ample room in the porch area to stow gear, such as bike jackets, trousers, boots and helmet.  Similarly, if you were 3 people looking to share a festival tent, you might find that a tent designed for 4 might be better, such as the Kampa Caister 4 tent, which at £129 won’t break the bank for 3 people sharing.

However, if you’re trekking or backpacking as a party of three persons, a Vango Pulsar 300 might fit the bill perfectly if you’re looking for 3 man tents.  With alloy poles, and a weight of only 3.7kg, sharing this load will be no problem at all for 3 of you.

Finally, if you’re looking for a bit more comfort, with good headroom, and you are car camping, something like the Outwell Rockwell 3 might well fit the bill perfectly.  Ideal weekend 3 berth camping tent.