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Tent Windbreaks, Camping Wind breaks

Tent Windbreaks
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We stock a selection of wind breaks for camping in our shop, manufactured by the tent manufacturers as well as the cheaper beach windbreaks.  We normally have Vango windbreaks, Outwell windbreaks and Kampa windbreaks, as well as a range of generic windbreak, normally the traditional style with wooden poles.


Windbreaks, sometimes called windbreakers, are useful for providing shelter from the wind, as well as an element of privacy around your pitch.

Windbreaks have always been a popular choice for a camping holiday.  They are used on the beach, as a shelter from the sun or the wind or around a campsite, to create a nice private area, on picnics or barbeques.  Traditional windbreaks are made from cotton, nylon, canvas or polyethylene. Windbreaks usually consist of three or more panels, which are held in place with poles that slide into pockets sewn into the panels. The poles are then hammered into the ground using a mallet. Tent windbreaks can be guyed out, to give them extra strength and stability.  Some of the windbreaks from the tent manufacturers feature windows, perfect if you want to be able to look out to see what is going on, or to keep an eye on young family members.

Shelter from the breeze and keep your privacy on the campsite with a range of windbreaks. No more struggling with the wind blowing out your stove! A wide range of colours to suit all styles of tents.

In some campsites, trees or shrubs are planted as windbreaks, especially in locations where the terrain is hilly or susceptible to high winds. If you aren’t on a site with natural wind breaks, then a purchased windbreak can offer necessary protection from the wind, or provide some shade.  Many windbreaks roll up in their own carrying case or fold up small enough to be easily packed.