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Footprint Groundsheets

Footprint Groundsheets
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Tent footprint groundsheet protectors - there has been a surge of popularity in the past few years, and now it seems that almost every model tent has them as an optional extra, but what exactly is a tent footprint groundsheet?  The tent footprint groundsheet is basically a groundsheet protector - a separate flat groundsheet manufactured from waterproof tarpaulin, made very slightly smaller than your tent’s footprint, and is placed underneath the main groundsheet.  In these days where sewn in groundsheets are so popular, tent footprints are used for protecting the main groundsheet, especially when camping on rough or stony ground.

Sewn in groundsheets are a brilliant idea, but when you are packing your tent up, if your groundsheet is dirty or wet, you stand the chance of getting your tent dirty when you fold it up.  A groundsheet protector helps reduce this considerably, and also reduces the chances of the sewn-in groundsheet being punctured by something sharp on the ground, so a tent footprint groundsheet is an ideal stone protection sheet.  

When you’ve spent several hundred pounds on a brand new tent, a footprint groundsheet is a sensible add-on.  It will help keep your tent in the best possible condition, and hopefully prevent your tent groundsheet from being pierced or damaged.

They also add an extra layer between you and the ground, so help with insulation, and as you put the tent footprint down first, this aids you by showing where your corners should be pegged.  As well as this, a tent footprint groundsheet adds to the waterproofing.  A normal tent footprint is 10,000mm hydrostatic head.  Even with this high spec barrier, water can ingress.  Some expedition and trekking tents have less waterproof groundsheets than this, so you can probably see the advantage of adding a tent footprint groundsheet.

If we don’t stock the exact footprint for your tent, we may be able to order one.  For enquiries, please call us on 01452 742233.