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Tent Accessories - pegs, poles, guyline

Tent Accessories
Vango Storage Organiser
RRP 30.00
Our Price 24.95
Vango Steel Peg 23cm x 8mm
RRP 3.50
Our Price 3.25
Vango Steel Peg 23cm x 5mm
RRP 3.20
Our Price 2.85
Vango Plastic Peg 30cm
RRP 4.40
Our Price 4.25
Vango Peg Extractor
RRP 1.95
Our Price 1.75
Vango Alloy Pin Peg 18cm
RRP 4.50
Our Price 4.35
Tarzan Rock Pegs, (10)
RRP 7.00
Our Price 6.00
Site Lead Storage Bag
RRP 6.50
Our Price 5.95
Plastic Groundsheet Pegs (5)
RRP 1.20
Our Price 1.00
Outwell Camping Mallet 12oz
RRP 3.99
Our Price 3.50
Fibreglass Pole Set 650x7.9mm
RRP 6.50
Our Price 6.00
Fibreglass Pole Set 650x12.7mm
RRP 11.00
Our Price 10.00
Fibreglass Pole Set 650x11mm
RRP 9.60
Our Price 9.00
Cabanon Roll-up Rubbers 144x10
RRP 3.25
Our Price 2.75
Cabanon Open Plastic Clips 23mm
RRP 3.95
Our Price 3.45
Cabanon Open Plastic Clips 20mm
RRP 3.45
Our Price 3.25
Cabanon Open Metal Clips
RRP 3.25
Our Price 2.85
Fabsil 5 litre
(Please contact for sizes)
Fabsil 5 litre
RRP 29.99
Our Price 26.99
Fabsil 2.5 litre
(Please contact for sizes)
Fabsil 2.5 litre
RRP 18.99
Our Price 16.50
Fabsil 1 litre
(Please contact for sizes)
Fabsil 1 litre
RRP 14.99
Our Price 9.99
Vango Steel Ring & Pin 5cm
RRP 1.60
Our Price 1.50
Vango Steel Groundsheet Pegs
RRP 2.25
Our Price 2.00
Vango Rock Peg 23cm
RRP 3.30
Our Price 2.95
Vango Plastic Peg 20cm
RRP 3.50
Our Price 3.25
Vango Peg Elastics (4)
RRP 1.70
Our Price 1.50
Vango Luminous Peg 20cm
RRP 3.50
Our Price 3.40
Vango Biodegradable Pegs
RRP 4.00
Our Price 3.95
Vango Alloy Channel Peg
RRP 3.20
Our Price 2.95
Robens Mescalero Tipi Inner Tent 2015
RRP 180.00
Our Price 159.00
Nite Ize Gear Ties 6"
Price 4.95
Hipkiss Press Stud RE101
Price 8.50
Hipkiss Press Stud RE100
Price 8.50
Hipkiss Eyelets RE28
Price 5.95
Hipkiss Eyelets RE26
Price 5.75
Hipkiss Eyelets RE24
Price 4.95
Hipkiss Eyelets RE22
Price 3.60
Hipkiss Eyelets RE20
Price 3.50
Hipkiss Eyelets Kit PP28
Price 9.95
Hipkiss Eyelets Kit PP26
Price 8.95
Hipkiss Eyelets Kit PP24
Price 6.75
Hipkiss Eyelets Kit PP22
Price 5.50
Hipkiss Eyelets Kit PP20
Price 5.25
Frame Bag for Tent or Awning
RRP 7.95
Our Price 6.95
Fibreglass Pole Set 650x9.5mm
RRP 8.50
Our Price 8.00
Fibreglass Pole Set 650x8.5mm
RRP 7.50
Our Price 7.00
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Online shop for tent accessories, including tent pegs, tent poles, tent guylines, replacement tent spares and mallets.  We stock most tent accessories you will need in order to carry out maintenance on your tent, including Cabanon spare parts, at everyday low prices.  We carry products from the world’s leading manufacturers of camping accessories such as Vango, Outwell, Coleman and Kampa, so you can buy in confidence from Attwoolls.

Parts which may need attention now and then on any camping tent are items such as tent poles and tent guy lines.  Your tent, if it has poles, will have one of 3 styles of poles – fibreglass poles with joints, alloy poles with joints and metal poles, from a frame tent (these can be either steel OR Aluminium).  If the tent accessories you need are spare tent poles, we sell the poles and accessories necessary to repair them.  The fibreglass and alloy jointed poles are normally strung together with elastic shock cord, and we have a good video which shows you how to do this yourself, which you can see here:  Frame tents normally just need a section or two replacing, and if they are spring clipped together as they normally are, then you may just need to replace spring clips – very easy to do.  We sell tent repair materials, products to re-proof the fabric

We stock a wide range of tent pegs, mallets, groundsheets etc, and we also sell tent accessories such as peg extractors, guyline runners, elastic loops and such like.  Any essential parts you might need, we normally stock. 

Then there are such tent accessories as canopies, carpets, footprint groundsheets.  These should more correctly be named “tent additions”.

Its always a good idea to carry an emergency tent repair kit too – for the fabric, Tenacious Tape is a marvellous thing to carry for repairs.  You can’t beat a bit of duct tape either for repairs to almost anything!