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12v Fridge, 12 Volt Fridge, 12v Fridges, 12v 240v Fridge

12v Fridge

We stock a 12v cool box with optional mains adaptor, and also have large 12v coolboxes for families.  Some of the 12 volt cool box models we stock have both hot and cold features.  Check out our great stock of coolers, by top brand suppliers.

If you want to avoid having to buy perishables in small amounts every day, you will need to think about how to keep food cool. There is always the insulated “passive” coolbox or coolbag, in which you can use either the freeze packs or blocks of ice, and this will work quite well, especially if you put items in which are pre-chilled. However, for a longer holiday, and if you have access to a power source, you may want to consider something a little more sophisticated, such as a thermoelectric cooler which uses the "Peltier" effect to cool.

If you would like more information about the different types of coolers we sell, we have an information leaflet you can download and read - GUIDE TO COOLERS

Campingaz Powerbox 24L
RRP 69.99
Our Price 49.95
Euro Transformer 230 Vac/12 Vdc
RRP 29.99
Our Price 17.95
Kampa 25 litre Thermo Electric
(Temporarily unavailable)
Kampa 25 litre Thermo Electric
RRP 62.95
Our Price 44.95
Kampa Mains to 12v Adaptor
RRP 19.95
Our Price 14.95
Mobicool G35 12v/240v Cooler
RRP 129.99
Our Price 99.95
Mobicool Q40 DC/AC
RRP 169.99
Our Price 139.99
Mobicool W48 12v/240v Cooler
RRP 139.99
Our Price 119.99
Waeco CoolFreeze CDF11
(Temporarily unavailable)
Waeco CoolFreeze CDF11
RRP 359.99
Our Price 275.99
Waeco CoolFreeze CDF16
(Temporarily unavailable)
Waeco CoolFreeze CDF16
RRP 439.99
Our Price 339.99
Waeco CoolFreeze CDF18
(Temporarily unavailable)
Waeco CoolFreeze CDF18
RRP 439.99
Our Price 349.99
Waeco CoolFreeze CDF25
RRP 499.99
Our Price 399.99
Waeco Tropicool TC 35 FL
RRP 219.99
Our Price 199.99
Waeco TropiCool TC-14FL
RRP 159.99
Our Price 149.99
Waeco TropiCool TC-21FL
RRP 179.99
Our Price 169.99
_Campingaz Powerbox 36L
(Temporarily unavailable)
_Campingaz Powerbox 36L
RRP 129.99
Our Price 94.99
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