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Air Beds / Mattress

If this is the season that you’ve decided to splash out on a new air mattress for your summer of camping trips, or you are going camping for the first time, then read on.  Our staff have selected the best picks for you. They recommend that you should ignore your urge to buy the cheapest ones, but go for one that you can rest assured (in more ways than one) will deliver on its promise of a good night’s sleep.

We stock a large range of air beds including a single airbed with built in pump & a backpacker airbed. Our range of air beds include adult and kids sizes.

When browsing through our camping air beds,  there are some critical points that should be considered. For example, the material that is used to make the mattress that you’re looking at. Some of the stronger airbeds are made from PVC, nylon and in some cases synthetic rubber. They are not only strong, but they are flexible. All in all you’ll get a better night’s sleep from them.

We like the Vango Hi Rise air mattress.  It is sturdy but very comfortable.  We also like the Aeorbed Sleepeasy Double air bed for the same reasons. 

One other point that needs to be considered is that you will need to keep your air bed away from sharp objects. It could be challenging to have it repaired, in particular, if you have spent that little bit extra on it.

Expect the thickness to be anywhere between three and six inches for a standard air bed. You need to check that it’s good quality.  Buying a low quality air mattress can be a big mistake, it can be very hard and rigid to sleep on. Our clients say that the cheaper mattresses are not high quality enough to get a decent night’s sleep on.

It’s essential to consider the material of the air mattress during your purchase, it’s not just about the price. If you only take note of the price then you will be setting yourself up for uncomfortable nights and grumpy days of feeling tired.